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Adjustable Limited Slip Differential

Drexler Motorsport has recently developed an adjustable limited slip differential which features an adaptation mechanism for pre-load adjustment. With the help of a long socket wrench the pre-load of the differential can be easily & quickly adjusted over a wide range to allow for more precise vehicle set-up. This system has already been successfully proven in Formula 3 competition.

Advantages of the adjustable limited slip differential include:
* Saves time during initial set-up and testing
* Customisable pre-load adjustment range
* Allows for more adjustment to take into account variable race and track conditions
* Gives you the ability to influence the responding behaviour of the differential
* Can be retrofitted to nearly all Drexler limited slip differential units

Currently Available for :
• BMW 168 series differential
• Drexler Motorsport DGB003 transaxle
• Hewland EGT transaxle
• Hewland FTR transaxle
• Hewland NLT transaxle

Made to order for other applications on request


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