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Drexler Motorsport DGB003 Rear Wheel Drive Transaxle  
Over the last few years Drexler Motorsport's DGB003 has proven to be the gearbox of choice for winning Formula 3 racers taking out many championships and countless race wins. While mainly utilised in Formula 3  the DGB003 is suitable for other motorsport applications with it being used successfully in sports car racing and other formula type categories.

Specifications & Advantages of Drexler Motorsport DGB003 gearbox:
• 6 speed dog engagement sequential gearbox
• FIA homologated for use in Formula 3
• Low power consumption
• Can be used as a stressed member with provisions for suspension arm mounting points on gearbox housing
• DGB003 has 30% more torsional stiffness than comparable gearboxes
• Compact design
• Gearbox housing features provision for engine oil dry sump tank
• Lightweight internals
• Total weight of approximately 36 kg (depending on delivery status)
• Gears, hubs, dog rings, main shaft, crown wheel and pinion are all super finished
• Maximum RPM: 10 000
• Maximum torque rating: Formula 3 version: 300 Nm  Sports Car: 450 Nm 
• Wide range of ratios available (from 3.167:1 to 0.89:1)
• Clutch shaft made to suit customer´s requirements
• Optional torsionally stiff clutch shaft also available
• Can be fitted with an adjustable Drexler limited slip differential
• Gearbox available with dry or wet sump lubrication system
• Comprehensive after sales support from Drexler Motorsport

Related product:
Drexler DGB003 Formula 3 Driveshaft-System
• Two driveshafts
• Four tripod joints
• Two weight-optimised tripod housings (gearbox side)
• Tripod flanges (wheel side) and four rubber boots
• Tripod housings and flanges feature a larger PCD and spline diameter for greater stiffness.

Championships victories with the Drexler DGB003-gearbox & driveshafts:

• Formula 3 Euro Series • Japanese Formula 3 championship • German Formula 3 championship

Race victories with the Drexler DGB003-gearbox & driveshafts:

• Formula 3 Grand Prix Macau • Formula 3 Masters Zolder • British Formula 3


Drexler Motorsport DGB005 - Mitsubishi EVO Dogbox

For Mitsubishi EVO 5-9 models Drexler Motorsport can provide upgraded internal gearbox parts.

Specifications & Advantages of Drexler Motorsport DGB005 gearbox:
• All internals can be mounted in the standard Mitsubishi gearbox housing without any modification
(FIA Group N regulation)
• All gear ratios are FIA homologated for Group N
• Features intelligently designed bearing carrier for greater stiffness and improved reliability
• Low power consumption
• Maximum rpm: 10.000
• Maximum torque rating: 550 Nm for EVO 5-9, upgraded versions available on request 
• Enhanced internal-design with dog engagement set-up for faster gear-changes
• Strong efficiently designed gear set made from high grade materials
• Comprehensive after sales support from Drexler Motorsport

Championship victories with the Drexler DGB005-gearbox:

• Finnish Rally • Irish Rally • Spanish Rally • Romanian Rally

Drexler Motorsport DGB012 – VW GOLF Dogbox 

Drexler Motorsport now offers an upgraded performance gearset for the VW O2M/O2Q (MQ350) gearbox. The gearset fits directly into the standard VW gearbox housing and offers quicker gear changes and greater strength then the standard VW components.

Product summary:
- 6 speed dog engagement type arrangement
- Dogrings are made from a softer material than the gears (reduced service costs)
- All gears, shafts and dogrings are manufactured from a vacuum double-remelted special steel material.
- All gears are shot-peened and super finished
- Maximum RPM: 11000
- Maximum power rating: 450 bhp
- Maximum torque rating: 550 Nm
Please Note:
For higher power/torque applications please contact us
Optional upgrades:
- Drexler Motorsport limited slip differential
- Heavy duty output flanges
- Sequential gear-shift system
- Customized gear ratios



Drexler Motorsport DGB006-Front Wheel Drive Transaxle

The DGB006 is newly designed transverse touring car gearbox for front wheel drive race cars.

Specifications & Advantages of Drexler DGB006-gearbox:
• Gearbox housing can be used as a stressed member
• Gearbox can be mounted on the left or right hand side of engine
• Gear set can be removed as one complete assembly
• Compact design
• Lightweight internals
• Weight of gearbox approximately 36 kg
• Low friction losses
• Low power consumption
• Wide range of ratios available
• Highly rigid assembly for fast gear-changes
• Drexler Motorsport limited slip differential fitted as standard
• Optional adjustable Drexler Motorsport differential also available with custom level of pre-load
• Differential unit can be removed without opening the gear set housing
• Max. rpm: 10.000
• Max. Torque: 300 Nm (Petrol), 550 Nm (Diesel)

Race victories with the Drexler DGB006-gearbox:

Numerous race wins in the Argentinean Touring Car Championship (TC 2000).



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